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Cooee Brands - Great New Products


Cooee Brands is a group of Australian owned, specialist wholesale companies that deliver a wide range of quality products to the retail souvenir and gift and homewares market. With more than 40 years of experience with its established brands, Citer Souvenirs, Teddy & Friends, MatchMates and My Birthday Teddy, Cooee Brands specialises in soft toys and souvenir products that are designed to help your business succeed.

Interested in developing your own custom or branded plush or souvenir products? We can help you through the process from concept and design to sample and product delivery. Ask us today.

 If you are a retailer in the souvenir or gift and homewares industry, click on Wholesale Access, where you’ll gain access to pricing and ordering details.



Amelia & Marco

Amelia & Marco

Explore exotic enclaves with Amelia & Marco, our latest additions to our successful Teddy Travels range. 


New Products!

New Finger Puppets, Keyrings & Magnets

Introducing our New Finger Puppets (AUSSIEKO/FP & HOPPY/FP), our adoreable new Kangaroo with Swag Key ring (KR8027KA), and our Koala Fridge Magnet (KR2702KO).



MugMats Coasters

Available in a wide variety of styles, singles or packs of 6 and in either Pine or Darkwood, it's no wonder that our MugMats Coaster Range is such a great seller.



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